Spring Cleaning Time

Spring Cleaning with ColdRite Refrigeration

Spring is here, and for many of us this is the time of year where we start airing out the house and sprucing up the place ready for another long, hot Hawke's Bay summer. While you're packing away the winter blankets, washing the summer sheets and letting some fresh air into the house, spare a thought for your heat pump which has no doubt had a busy winter keeping you warm and toasty. 

Spring is the perfect time to have your heat pump and air conditioning unit serviced. This is vital to keeping the system running in tip-top shape and to avoid having issues when you least need it. Air conditioning systems are mechanical refrigeration units that need regular maintenance and servicing. While you should be cleaning your heat pump system's air filters every month, the system also needs this full service periodically to keep it running smoothly and economically. Regular heat pump maintenance ensures that you will have many more warm winters and cool summers to come. 

ColdRite Refrigeration can carry out an extensive maintenance check of your existing heat pump system to guarantee every component is up to scratch, with the peace of mind that the work is being carried out by a professional and qualified technician. Your technician will report to you on his findings, and make recommendations for any repairs that may be needed. ColdRite Refrigeration has been servicing the Hawkes Bay region since 1999, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing customer service. To get your heat pump and air conditioning unit maintenance sorted before summer, contact us today.

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